Weaponized Self-defence 2

Shortly after making yesterday’s post, I had an interesting conversation with a customer. When they left, it occured to me, that a number of people who buy/carry weapons, do because it makes them feel safe. No out of a tactical assessment, but rather, they abscribe talismantic qualities to the weapon. Simply having the weapon allows them to feel safer/more confident. In a way this can be a big leap for people. The weapon it’s self isn’t always what’s needed to defend yourself. It’s really the willingness to do what ever it takes that will really make the big difference. Some people just feel small or weak and therefore don’t feel like they could present a credible defence. Apparently, having a weapon (even if it’s out of reach, ie bottom of the purse) can give some people the confidence they need to put up a fight. Which is good in it’s self. Kicking, screaming, biting and clawing are often enough to deter al but the most persistant aggressors. One simply needs to mean it. Obviously, the weapon will help more if it’s readily accessible and even more so if one has training with it. Still if one can’t accept the need, they most likely won’t get a weapon, let alone train with it.
Maybe I should sell Magic Defence Amulets!


~ by aedhcarrick on August 24, 2009.

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