Kickboxing 2

Went again to the gym uptown. Only one person showed up (besides me). It was a girl named Amanda. She’s been training mma for a while. She was the one who got in most of the best shots last week. I’ll be honest, I did have a hard time hitting her cause she’s a girl. I’m embarassed to admit that though. If I were a girl, I’d hate it if guys ‘went easy’ on me, but she seemed to be perfectly happy to work on her combos, while I wrestled with myself. We went about 8 rounds and I stuck to my plan, which was to practice my footwork. I would pick a corner and then try and manuever her into it with my stepping. It worked pretty well until Karl, the coach, showed her how to pivot out when I pressed her. Then it was a lot more of a challenge, but the basic principles still applied. Karl showed me how to use my jab to measure range. As he was explaining it to me, it was like I could hear another tumbler click! It really opened the door as far as entering and sticking. Can’t wait for next week.


~ by aedhcarrick on October 25, 2009.

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